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Here is what the first update is bringing!
Fixing some issues with loading accounts now on the left is Users/Passcodes and on right is Admin/passccodes
Added delete option type in the username and password of the user or admin you wish to delete and push delete user if it is a user and delete admin if it is a admin.

You can still use the user manual from the first release and it will be updated after version 1.1.0

Guest-Browsing! Yes, it is still password protected and you can't change the guest login information.
The Login info for guest may change periodically when updated.
Guest1 Username
guest Password

Soon you will be required to have a certain length of username and password.
Guest Browsing is a user account so no admin privledges are allowed.

To prevent issues please keep at least one user account at all times. This is currently considered a bug but if no username is present then admin accounts will load where regular usernames would load at.

History improvements, now without buttons, to delete or clear items simply rightclick, you can also navigate history items.

You can now log out of your account, although everything is disabled without being logged in.

More security!
In the coming days there will be added security to how you create and login, more details about this will come soon.

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