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So with this upcoming release I want to let you know what is coming in this update and some notes on future updates.

Annoying (I know) but to create a easier working environment, BeffsFilterBrowser will be Re-released using a deployment method called click once. This will update BeffsFilterBrowser without the need of redownloading each version, along with any and all pains associated with updates.

-Bug fixes, I know you most likely didn't get any idea of how BeffsFilterBrowser works as you know there was a minor bug in the first release.

-Guest Browsing, now you can enable or disable guest browsing.

-Faster loading, loading is rediclous shouldn't have to, so I reduced a few things down so it isn't loaded down.

-More flex, there are a few more options, not many but, many are in the drawing board to be added soon.

-Security, although it isn't resolved 100% I am close to fixing a few security gaps, these are mainly for those who can access program files, which store data, any alternations of these files could corrupt BeffsFilterBrowser, and if used on more than one computer such as a network the whole network would be corrupted.

-Various little enhancments and improvments that make BeffsFilterBrowser, so many of these little guys are in this upcoming release that I won't list them all.

So outlook on the deployment of this Re-release is scheduled for mid-March.

Version 1.0.2

-Enhancments in design and speed

-Only want to navigate a few sites? Switch to the Favorites only version of BeffsBrowser!
This feature is a one-of-a-kind improvment that instead of blacklisting sites, you whitelist them!
So, for example your kids are only allowed on Cartoon/Kid-friendly sites? Then Add them to your Favorites! No access to Facebook or Twitter or anything other than what you grant them. Please not that Google, will allow navigation out of the approval zone. BeffsFilterBrowser cannot read pages on search engines.

-More info to come!

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